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UP AI Core XM 2280 (Myriad X *2)

AI CORE with 2x Movidius Myriad X VPU
Compatible with X86 SBC with M.2 2280 B or M key.
N.B. Please do not remove the heatsink by your own as it might pull off other components at the same time

GW : 60 gms

See datasheet for more specifications datasheet

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SKU PER-TAIX2-A10-2280
Basic info
Part number PER-TAIX2-A10-2280
Availability/Type Active
Dimension 22x80mm

More Info

  • AI Core comes equipped with a active heatsink; please check the available space and potential mechanical conflicts. Heatsink can be easily removed and replaced
  • The active heatsink size won't fit into laptop.

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