BIOS pre-setting (UP, UP Core)

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Scope: UP BIOS Service provides custom BIOS, such as BIOS pre-setting. The deliverable will be only provided for one time, if there is any additional change required, it will be considered as a new service.

Deliverable: The deliverable includes BIOS bin, reflashing instruction, and necessary program.

Method of Delivery: Email with clear order#

Warranty: The BIOS service is considered as none refundable engineering (NRE)charge, once it is delivered, there is not possible for return or refund. Customers shall contact UP team if the BIOS does not work as requested in 14 days.  Reflashing BIOS is at customer’s risk, if the board is bricked due to improper reflashing, the warranty of the UP board is also void.

Lead Time : 10 working days


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Name BIOS pre-setting (UP, UP Core)




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