UP Core Plus Series

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UP Core Plus Series
  1. UP7000/UP 4000/UPS V2/UPC Plus power supply 12V@5A<W/O power cord>
  2. UP Vision Plus X ( 3x Myriad X)
    Special Price $220.00 Regular Price $239.00
  3. UP Net Plus - i210-IT (TSN support)
    Special Price $99.00 Regular Price $119.00

UP Core Plus is a single board computer + computer on module. It can be used standalone or expanded with a carrier board.

The board comes with various Intel Apollo Lake ATOM SoCs, onboard memory and eMMC.

Powered by the Intel Apollo Lake series SoC, the UP Core Plus is designed to enhance artificial intelligence at the edge.

It can be used standalone for the most powerful and compact edge device, or added with a carrier board for versatile use.

Compatible with a wide range of carrier boards from UP shops such as:

-3x Vision Plus X with Movidius Myriad X etc.

-Net Plus with 4x Intel i211/i210 LAN ports, etc.

Visit the UP Community for all technical support.

Interested in developing your own computer vision solution?

No problem at all! We have released an open source sample application to get you started on our Github repository.

This application is designed to detect humans at the doorway of a building or area. When people enter a marked area, an alert is raised (+1 for entry, -1 for exit) and sent via MQTT.
It's intended to demonstrate how computer vision can be used to monitor the number of people in a building or area.

Especially if you are a store owner, you should try this application as it helps you monitor the number of people in your building, office and store, thereby maintaining social distancing measures against COVID-19. We recommend you take a look.

Github link here .

pdf UPC Plus WIFI/BT Module Driver Installation pdf 422.7 KB Download
pdf UPC Plus Quick Installation Guide pdf 1.5 MB Download
pdf UPC Plus MTBF pdf 273.3 KB Download
zip UPC Plus Test and Certifications zip 2.8 MB Download
zip UPC Plus User Manual and Datsheet zip 5.5 MB Download
zip UPC Plus REACH and RoHS zip 486 KB Download
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